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Third Annual Nordic Rule of Law Forum 2023

The representative of the Republic of Serbia before the European Court of Human Rights, Zorana Jadrijević Mladar, participated in the Third Annual Nordic Forum on the Rule of Law, which was held on September 29, 2023 in Stockholm, Kingdom of Sweden, organized byCivil Rights Defenders.

The Nordic Rule of Law Forum 2023 is called"Racism and the Law: Examining the Ability of Legal Systems to Combat Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Inequality". The forum brings together legal practitioners, civil society actors, academics, public officials and stakeholders from the Nordic countries and the Western Balkans to discuss why the law has seemingly failed to make a lasting impact in the fight against structural racism despite the best intentions, and what new approaches the legal community and civil society should adopt.

The goal of the Forum is to promote discussion on contemporary topics and their relationship to the rule of law, as well as to encourage lawyers and civil society actors to exchange experiences and acquire new knowledge.